This robot from the UK has got some advanced artificial intelligence. The robot made its debut in London with a game of rock-paper-scissors. The robot is called Berti and he is less than 2 years old. The robot was created by Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Elumotion. Bristol Robotics is based in the city of Bath, England. Berti was created to mimic human actions.

Berti stands for Bristol Elumotion Robotic Torso 1. Berti is programmed to even detect whether it won or not. The competitor has a sensor glove that shows what move they made.

“We are working towards the design of future humanoid robots that will be intuitive and natural for people to interact with,” stated Elumotion co-director Dr. Graham Whiteley. “Robots like Berti could be used in the development of prosthetic limbs for people who have been in car accidents or to carry out extremely dangerous jobs such as land mine clearance.”

Guests at the Science Museum will be able to see Berti give a speech using computer-generated speech. Berti costs around £200,000 in parts and technology to build.

“Berti was certainly a challenge to build. To mimic human gestures a robot must be both lightweight and powerful. It was certainly a challenge for us but the result is a robot which is as sophisticated as anything else out there,” added Craig Fletcher, another co-director of Elumotion. “This is the first time we have brought Berti out of the lab so it is great to have it here at the museum and meeting people.”


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